Truth Saves Money

Most Diagnostics Start With: ‘I Don’t know, it just stopped’…

Then we open it to find standing water or other signs of recent mishap.  Coming from the child standing next to the mother at our counter, we understand this.  Poor kid don’t want to get in trouble and hasn’t matured enough to know, all truth comes out eventually.  But when it comes from the adult, we have to ask why…

We aren’t the EPA, IPA, or any other form of protection agency that’s going to report you for abuse to your electronics.  We are here to help.  So if you had too many drinks and so did your iPhone, that’s ok, just tell us.  If you was at the stair stepper and your Android decided to join you, ok, we understand.  But on average it takes twice as long an costs YOU twice as much by not giving full details.

Understand, all warranty you had, voided the moment whatever happened to it, because there are an average of 4 moisture detection strips in every device, and even the blackest of LCD’s can show cracks under the scope as evidence of dropping.  BUT, if you tell us, or Apple, or Samsung, etc. that you have no idea what happened, then we spend an extra 15-20 minutes only to find out it got wet or dropped, THEN you say, oh yeah, maybe… no you knew, now any above and beyond protocol just went out the window.  Full price and your on the watch list.  (There’s not really a watch list)  But any time a customer tries to pull a fast one, we remember the face.

We understand, nobody want’s to make mistakes, and sometimes, other’s do things and don’t tell you.  I’d say 1 out of 10 ‘I Don’t Know’s are truth.  But IF you do know, save us time, and yourself money, and just say what happened.  We’re not here to judge you, we are here to help.  I mean, you wouldn’t go to the doctor and tell him your arm hurt knowing you broke your leg and wait for him to figure out why your really in pain, would you?

Same goes for Gaming systems, If you got mad, slammed it, yanked out the HDMI, etc, just say so.  That way we can charge only for the say HDMI port, not $50 diagnostic PLUS HDMI port.  If you jumped on the wrong website, you may just have pop-ups or a simple $40 cleanup to handle, but saying I Don’t know, we will run a full Virus scan and cleanup, doubling the cost.

Long story short, unless your under 12, please just tell us what really happened.  We can help each other save time and money, and get more accomplished.