What’s Bugging Your Gadgets?


The bugs are back….

Usually, this time of year, we start seeing random PC, PS4, Xbox, and other large device failures more frequently than others.  Mainly due to everything coming out as things typically do when approaching spring.  And by far, roaches are the most common, and most folks say they never knew they had any…

Roaches want in“Normally cockroaches will look for secluded and warm areas that are close to food and water to lay their eggs. This is just the environment most electronics provide. Game consoles, in particular, get hot and make them an ideal place for the roach to nest. It is very common for cockroaches to choose a TV, radio, clock, or video game console or any other electronic appliance you own. These are also a great way for a roach to travel; when appliances with existing nests are sold or taken along when someone travels. They can even move with you when you purchase new appliances that have been stored in roach infested areas.” – NEVER PEST

Roaches aren’t the only bad guys…

But it’s not JUST roaches, because most bugs love them.  Why?  Because, like every other living thing, they want warm, dry, stable environments, and if we were that small, a metal home with heaters and fans everywhere, free electricity, and many dark areas to chill at would sound great too!  But, similarly, if you went into a warehouse and wasn’t careful, you touch a wire bigger than your hand, guess what… You’r cooked, and likely the power line will burn up.  And back to the smaller scale, that’s usually what we see.

When roaches, or any other insect, inhabit an electronic device that

PS4 PSU Failure
Roaches in PS4 Power Supply

conducts high levels of current and/or voltage, they can potentially become part of the circuit.  They can short out leads, bridge channels, and some insects actually feed on the insulators.  And though PS4 and PS3 consoles are probably the most popular for this issue, we have found Spiders in TV’s, Ants in PC’s, and Dirt Dobbers in Outdoor IT equipment.  And many other things.  But you’ve got the idea, basically, even if your house is spotless and clean, there’s still a chance that your Electronics are like exotic, remote 5 star Resorts to the creepy crawlers.  And you’ll never know until it stops working.

So then what is the solution???

There used to be a nice habit folks had, that every so often they would take their Computers in for cleaning, like physically, not just virtually.  Because fans clog up, vents stop up, and thermally conductive materials lose their effectiveness.  Usually during these routine cleans, the tech would catch these things before they caused serious problems.  But people have forgotten this critical maintenance and neglect their devices until they stop.  That’s like ignoring the light bill because you don’t wanna pay it, give it time and see how it works out…

Best thing to do, is once a year, bring in your devices you use frequently and have them cleaned out and checked up on.  That way they will last longer and not compile problems on top of problems.  Second thing, keep a repellant effectively applied around your devices, not ON THEM or IN THEM, but as a parameter around any IT areas where your computers and/or A/V equipment stays.  And lastly, regularly treat the whole house, not only for the health of your electronics, but your property value and personal health as well.