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We Hope You’ll Leave us 5 Star Reviews!

You see that everywhere… I know.  But it’s an honest request.  It’s not just about leaving any review, it’s about 5 stars EXACTLY.  Why?  Because our future business is affected by that 4 star, negatively.  You’d think not, but, when you look at places with many reviews, it’s like a report card.  And when everyone is between a 4.5 and 4.9, another 4 star could put you closer to the bottom of the results list.  So if you’re not 5 star happy, let us know why! BEFORE you post.

Plus, it can help you!  Why? Because many review sites also credit the reviewer based on their history.   The more reviews you leave, the more likely your’s is considered noteworthy to the computer that’s deciding.  AND, a lot of us offer rewards for customers who go out of their way to help promote us!  Why not?  Your review is saying we are great to the whole world, the least we could do is offer you something in exchange!

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So if you’ve shopped with us, and have had a great experience, click HERE and tell the world! (If you’re more of a Yelp type, go HERE).  If not, Jump on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE and message us to explain what went wrong, how we can help, and help us improve!

We want to honestly earn the highest rating!

We don’t believe in buying reviews, that messes up the system.  But with thousands of satisfied repairs, I am sure we can earn a few more reviews.  We just have the worst habit of never asking… and of course, usually, we have your device because we are fixing it.  Usually reviews are left during the experience, not so much after.  That’s hard when your review tool is not accessible during.

And if you’re feeling like promoting all your favorites at once…

Be sure to vote!  Locals Love Us,  Angie’s List, The Wacoan, and other voting places that give annual rewards to the most loved small businesses in the area.  Not just for us, but to help support all the locally owned spots you frequent.  We’d love to be BEST OF WACO in every aspect.  Anyone can just shop until the place closes… But truly satisfied customers spread the word to help them grow!  Hopefully, We’ve satisfied your needs during your last visit enough to earn at least a 5 star review.  Thank YOU!  Because if it weren’t for YOU, there would be no US!

Thank You for the 5 Star Reviews
Thank You for the 5 Star Reviews