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Smart home, Audio, and IT,

why you should think about it.

It’s a known fact that most homes in America now have internet access, in fact most schools require it.   So your paying for it, why not get the most of it.  Monitor your home without an extra bill to your ISP, a third party, or some security company.  How? Well, let’s dig in…

If your like most of us, you have a smart TV, probably some voice activated device, even if it’s and iPhone with Hey Siri, or an Android with Google Voice, and you likely have wifi and Internet.  Well, what if you could see when the kids get home, turn a light off/on from across town, or change the channel to the TV when you realize it’s not something that the kids should be watching, while never leaving the other room?  And what if I told you, it’s not as expensive as you’d think!

It all starts with a hub (or processor).  Hubs range from $50 to $199 on average and most are universal.  Once you have the hub, it connects to your internet modem and you log into it via your phones and tablets.  At Elite Mobile Techs we also offer bigger hubs and processors from companies like URC, Control4, and RTi, which will usually require professional installation, but are 10x more secure, stable, and versatile.  But once you have the hub and App, now you just need the devices!

Add some light switches.  Usually about $35-$60.  Don’t need a million, just a few for your main areas.  Can add one or two Z-wave/Zigbee Switches to your smart home at a time.  No need to go broke.  But each switch you add, you will be able to control from anywhere.  Some even have built in temp sensors and/or motion sensors.  Any device with motion detections can send notifications when there’s movement.  During preset times, say between 8 and 5 while your gone, you can have your home setup to have all lights off, and any motion will push a text to your phone.  Next, comes thermostat for the AC.  Forget to set the Temp before leaving? Hop on your phone and correct it.

Next, Appliances.  Yes, washers and driers are going smart, TV’s are smart.  Most receivers not connect to networks, and so are blu rays, Fire Sticks, even refrigerators are getting there.  But it don’t stop there!  Getting fun yet? Lets add the sprinkler system, the cameras, and smoke detectors.  Drive way lights, door locks, and even sirens can be attached to your smart home hub. And the better your hub/processor, the more you can control.

Apps are all customizable for your smart home with RTi

Sum it up, so you can have something as simple as a hub to automatically set lights, temperature, and monitor activity.  Or you can go full on smart home and set scenes, change music, and view CCTV cameras and more.  And Elite Mobile Techs is your Central Texas option for Smart home integration.

Truth Saves Money

Most Diagnostics Start With: ‘I Don’t know, it just stopped’…

Then we open it to find standing water or other signs of recent mishap.  Coming from the child standing next to the mother at our counter, we understand this.  Poor kid don’t want to get in trouble and hasn’t matured enough to know, all truth comes out eventually.  But when it comes from the adult, we have to ask why…

We aren’t the EPA, IPA, or any other form of protection agency that’s going to report you for abuse to your electronics.  We are here to help.  So if you had too many drinks and so did your iPhone, that’s ok, just tell us.  If you was at the stair stepper and your Android decided to join you, ok, we understand.  But on average it takes twice as long an costs YOU twice as much by not giving full details.

Understand, all warranty you had, voided the moment whatever happened to it, because there are an average of 4 moisture detection strips in every device, and even the blackest of LCD’s can show cracks under the scope as evidence of dropping.  BUT, if you tell us, or Apple, or Samsung, etc. that you have no idea what happened, then we spend an extra 15-20 minutes only to find out it got wet or dropped, THEN you say, oh yeah, maybe… no you knew, now any above and beyond protocol just went out the window.  Full price and your on the watch list.  (There’s not really a watch list)  But any time a customer tries to pull a fast one, we remember the face.

We understand, nobody want’s to make mistakes, and sometimes, other’s do things and don’t tell you.  I’d say 1 out of 10 ‘I Don’t Know’s are truth.  But IF you do know, save us time, and yourself money, and just say what happened.  We’re not here to judge you, we are here to help.  I mean, you wouldn’t go to the doctor and tell him your arm hurt knowing you broke your leg and wait for him to figure out why your really in pain, would you?

Same goes for Gaming systems, If you got mad, slammed it, yanked out the HDMI, etc, just say so.  That way we can charge only for the say HDMI port, not $50 diagnostic PLUS HDMI port.  If you jumped on the wrong website, you may just have pop-ups or a simple $40 cleanup to handle, but saying I Don’t know, we will run a full Virus scan and cleanup, doubling the cost.

Long story short, unless your under 12, please just tell us what really happened.  We can help each other save time and money, and get more accomplished.

Elite has Evolved…

Elite iPhone Repair, Now Elite Mobile Techs, has matured!

When Elite started, from the kitchen table of a 2bdrm apartment, in 2011, there was already 10+ years of electronics.  That experience has grown exponentially.  From the release of the Galaxy phones, HTC’s line-up, Gaming system repairs and much more, Elite developed a following.  By 2013 Elite had a name and a store.  ELITE IPHONE REPAIR! And now we’ve matured…

1412 N. Valley Mills drive, by little Caesars, suite 102 is a cozy little spot where in 2013 Elite First Went brick and mortar.  By 2014 was in a bigger suite 4 doors down.  By 2015 had two locations. By 2016 came to a crazy realization.  Waco gave Elite the 5 star perfect ratings because of personalized service, focused repairs, and high success rated.  Also earned them through convenience, like the ability to have the repair done on location.  But amongst the growth and diversity we lost that focus, we let go of the convenience, and we took on too many tasks.  By 2016 our ratings had dropped, along with sales and following.  It was depressing at first, but most importantly, it taught us something.

2017! We had the joy of 4415 W. Waco Dr, and we have played catchup and remodel.  We re-engaged with the community, have tried to revive our ratings and refocus on what made Waco love us.  Now our final move to a 2000sqft location on 525 Esther, we have almost completely reorganized and have a solid plan and model to bring you in 2018! And so how did we evolve and mature?


  • We are keeping it simple and learning to only offer what we’re good and efficient at.  We may “know how” to do almost anything, but if it’s not in constant practice, then the efficiency is lacking and that leads to poor experience on both sides of the counter.
  • We are catching up with what’s important.  You came to us for phone, computer, and gaming system repairs.  We are the best at that.  You came because we had competitive pricing and top notch parts.  And the best warranty in town.  Guess what, ou focus in back on all that, and primarily only that.
  • We are remodeling, yall loved the look of suite 102 and 132, so we brought back the look, feel, and atmosphere.  But added some newer touches.
  • We are expanding to Audio.  Elite started off the side of High Impact Audio back in 06/07.  Originally the owner ran a high rated audio business that unfortunately failed to to the economic fall of 07.  But was already fixing blackberry’s when the very first iPhone Was released.  That was the kindling to the flame.  We continued to repair phones as the economy recovered, all the way up til our first store in 2013.  But never stopped installing home Audio and Theatre systems as well as Car audio and Automation.  Now we have teamed up with major vendors to offer RTi, MX Home, Harman, KEF, Denon, Zektor, and other top Smarthome, Z-Wave, and Audio Solutions.
  • We are simplifying processes, with a very detailed help desk system, a soon to be elaborate yet simply clean website, and professional trained staff, we are back in the business of delivering results, on time, and smiles with integrity as our motto.

So just in case you had any doubts, Elite isn’t going anywhere.  We have learned, we heard your voice, and we are coming back better than ever!  Hope to see you in 2018, with all your common electronics and Home/Mobile A/V Needs.  Thank You and Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


Top Things to Consider When Time to Upgrade Your Phone

It’s not about wants, it’s about needs.

Now phones one of most important items in home.

This is no news flash for most folks, but may be a shocking reality check for some.  99% of businesses rely on a mobile device to keep things running, and roughly 90% of the adult American population use a smartphone daily.  So maybe we should consider phone upgrades as closely as we do say, getting a new car or home.  Do you just run out and buy the first one on the lot with the most balloons?  No.  You Research, anticipate upkeep, insurance, etc.  Why not do that for something as expensive as your car’s down payment, and more relied on?

Starting with ACCESSORIES!

Phone Accessory selection is important to consider when time to upgrade.

Most importantly is protection.  And let’s be honest, most of us don’t keep the first case we get.  We upgrade, love it, get a big bulky case to save it from everything, then chunk that case because it doesn’t fit everywhere we want it to.  So next stop is usually the mall or outlet store.  Now if you have a common brand/model then you will have no problem finding stylish protection in all shapes and sizes.  But if you went for that active or rugby style phone that was supposed to be bulletproof, or that new model the rep swears was the new thing, but maybe not, then you’re gonna have a bad time.

Make sure you select a popular, well advertized model that you can find all the add-ons and protection you need from just about every retail location.  This is very important, hence why I started off with it.  It not only allows you to get the most out of your upgrade, but it also helps you protect it so you can go longer before needing another.

Don’t let it AFFECT your health!

How will your phone fit in your hand?

We all see those phablets, people basically talking into what looks to be iPads!  About as practical as mudders on a Ferrari.  But trends have many folks buying ridiculous things.  Back to reality…  So your phone comes out your pocket roughly 100+ times a day!  Each time your hand has to grip it.  Did you know that tennis elbow is getting more popular for folks that don’t do any work or leisure to cause it?  It’s because their upgrade was bigger than the last device and they have to use new muscles too frequently.  So get a good feel for your upgrade!

Pick up the phone, forget trends and friends opinions, and hold it as you normally would.  Swipe your thumb as shown above in the picture.  If you can’t get within a half inch from the top of the display, then it’s too big for you.  If you need to see larger images, then you need a tablet.  Not a phone/tablet hybrid.  Also, careful of the super bright screens.  They cause sleep deprivation and eye strain.  That super vivid screen is nice at first.  But over time can really give you a headache!

Don’t give your life away!

You put every moment and detail on your phone, make sure your upgrade is able to secure those details and financials too!

Don’t be personally affected by a virtual infection.

We have came a long way, but not far enough.  Phones are now the target of choice for hackers.  And with google pay, android pay, apple pay, virtual wallets, and more, we need security.  With iPhones and other Apple OS devices, there is a .01% chance you’ll ever experience a hack, and even then it is usually just photos.  And due to the lack of popularity, Blackberry rarely sees issues.  Windows and androids though, are regular target.  And being open source, they are easiest to manipulate.  So be sure if you are getting an android or windows phone you can get a good antivirus to install on your new upgrade.

But even with antiviruses and iOS lockdown, the most common hack lies in the human brain.  If someone calls from and important number, sounds important, and says enough to trigger fear, you will likely hand over personal info to a scammer.  The IRS, Government, Local Authorities, (ANYONE IMPORTANT ENOUGH), will already have all your info, and will never handle important business over the phone or email.  They will simple request a face to face appointment.  THEN YOU KNOW IT’S REAL! Otherwise, hang up, and forget about it.  Same with pop ups.  “We’ve detected this or that or this device, pay or we will report you”  NO, THEY WON’T.  They can’t.  It’s a scam.

COMPATIBILITY, Match. com for you and your upgrade!

Don't do less the "Upgrade"
Will your upgrade phone do what you already do now?

You’d be surprised how many apps haven’t caught up or been maintained!  Also, many times, the “NEW” devices are still running and older OS (Mainly an issue amongst android) because the hardware isn’t sufficient in one area or another, or they haven’t revised the OS to fit that hardware setup.  Also, your car radio, home surround, etc may not be able to work with it either.  Things to consider.

Worst case scenario (We have actually seen) is a person get a new phone, and none of their current accessories or other syncable consumer electronics will work with it.  Upgrade your phone for $200, but need another $3,000 to replace everything else to keep the party going! Not fun.

repairability, cause 1 in 3 will break it.

Will your device be worth repair or even able to be repaired?

#1 reason people say no to a repair, is cost.  You get a iPhone upgrade, shatter the screen, and you have options.  $150 insurance (Not recommended, you’ll get a poorly refurbished device), $120-$200 at Apple depending on model, or $70-$240 at a local shop depending on model.  Or replace it completely for $600+ which most will not.  Get a New Galaxy S7 Edge upgrade, the one the sales rep gets the most money from selling you.  Break it’s screen, and you’re at $300 via samsung, $325 at local shop, or $200+ depending on insurance provider.  Wow huh!  Break that HTC upgrade screen,  usually around $100 insurance, or $100 local shop.

Before you buy, ask about the insurance deductibles, options, and call around to get repair costs.  Then find out which bill fits your pocket book.  Also know that some phones tend to become problems after any repair.  Some become useless after one drop.  Just dig a little before you buy.  BUT DON’T ASK THE CARRIER REP, he’s making commission and want’s you to buy what pays him/her the most!

brand quality, BECAUSE they are not the same.

Make sure it is a real upgrade, not just an upsell.

So, this is the sensitive subject because no matter what brand I say, you’ll think I am on a bandwagon… I am not.  I open, work on, and research daily.  Top Brands are Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, and Motorola.  Other brands with decent build quality are Nokia, Blackberry, and Nokia.  ZTE is trying to get there, but still not up to par by my standards.

Apple has ultra high engineering standards.  Nobody is perfect, but who else hires 16 top level techs to design one processor?  But even Apple releases budget line products with cut corners to appease those with shallow pockets.  That may be your cup of tea, but I’d rather have a 2 year old top line device, than a brand new cut corner device.  Samsung is the world’s worse here.  They release S3 and S4 tech in new shells with cheaper screens to create $100 phones to release something “NEW” every month.  HTC also does this a little with the desire line, as well as LG with their cheaper phones.  Again, great business move, but I would rather have the two year old S5 used, than a brand new Core Prime.

On To Speed (Took us long enough…)

How fast will your upgrade actually be?

With all these tech numbers, teraflops and gigabits, mbps and MGHz, what does it mean?  Well, that’s a whole post in it’s own.  But the main way to test, is to open about 6 to 10 popular apps all at once, and then jump on something like facebook and see if at any point it lags.  If it does, it will be 2x slower outside that signal boosted store.  Everything always works better at the store.  And once you load it up with all your photos and apps, it will hurt it even more.  But the GHz of the processor isn’t super important as it used to be.

You can have three 1.5 GHz processors, each next to 2Gb of ram.  depending on power supply, core setup, and quality of the chips, they will vary GREATLY in end performance.  One will like multitasking, but not so much on graphic speed.  The other may not like either because it was poorly made. But then one phone may have a fine tuned 1.4 GHz with 1.5Gb or ram and blow all three away in all areas.  The only real test, is forcing it to see how much you can do (That you normally do) before it glitches.

On to features (most important, bottom list item)

Stats are a little rusty, but still pretty accurate.

What exactly do you ACTUALLY need it for.  If you’re a business person, then emails, Texts, Calls, PDF editing, and logistics apps will riddle it.  If you’re a teenager, you will likely be watching videos, playing games, and blowing up social media.  If you’re a middle aged mom of 4 then your camera will likely be the most used app, next to pinterest and DIY YouTube Channels.  You need to figure this much out and make sure your upgrade is keen on those things.

If messaging is big, you might want to consider iPhone with the iMessage features everyone loathes.  If you photo shoot, look at LG.  If you’re a gamer, android may tickle your fancy. If a business man, Definitely Apple or Blackberry for functionality and security and cross device, seamless work flow.

Price, honestly the least important part!


So, most people start here.  They want the cheapest upgrade, not knowing it could cost more in the long run.  Or be riddled with headaches.  Also, many fall for the trade in schemes.  “You’ll get $150 for your old device!” Which would be awesome, except that they are usually worth twice that!

So you’re headed in for a new phone, and you have the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6, (About $300-$350 resale value) and your looking at the new phones.  They are $650-$700 retail.  They offer you $150 trade in and give you a $50 bill credit (Free for them).  So you still pay $400-$450 but it’s broken up over 12-18 months so you don’t feel it so hard.  IF you’re happy with that, by all means.  But if you don’t have a money tree, let’s propose another scenario.

So you price phones at the store.  Then decide to buy from a local small business like us.  So that same new phone that the Carrier has for $650, we have for $550.  Still mint, so you can still run and get insurance on it.  Still under warranty.  Now you sell your old phone for $300 on Facebook or craigslist.  You come out of pocket about $200/$250.  Still have an upgrade available on your account, bill stays the same, and you still get the same upgrade.

Last scenario, you trade your Galaxy S6 for a Core Prime because it’s bigger and “Newer” and spend $0 after upgrade.  You quickly find it’s not half the phone as your S6 was and your highly aggravated but your S6 is long gone.


Start by making sure that the upgrade you’re getting will serve your needs, be easy to maintain, and last you a good while.  All while being easy on the budget and body.  Let it really be an UPGRADE, and not just a life switch.  And if you ever need honest advice on new products, feel free to Contact Us for help.  As the longest running, most experienced tech shop in town, we hope you can trust us to help you with all your tech needs and advice.

Thank you for reading, and have an awesome day!

Why won’t my device come on?

Are you having charging issues?

“My device isn’t charging! It’s my battery…”

That’s what we hear all the time.  If you’re like over a dozen others that we see weekly, you assume that the fact it won’t come on after a night on the block means the battery is shot.  In fact, that’s rarely the case at all.  It’s likely just not charging!

Phone Not Charging or coming on.

So what to do…. Well, you can try a funky rain dance, hold the port sideways, take it to shops and let them charge you for a battery you don’t need.  Or, you can stop by and let a skilled tech evaluate and diagnose your no charge symptoms for free, then only repair what is necessary to get you going again.  “But what if I don’t live in Waco, Tx?”  Then there is always mail in repairs or you can check local reviews to hopefully find the best area shop.  Usually the franchises are the ones you gotta be careful of…

How do I know it’s not the battery?

There is that slim chance it could be, but batteries usually only fail from extreme temperature exposure, moisture, or naturally after 2-3yrs, and it’s a gradual fail.  You start seeing signs before it just up and quits.  Typical battery issues include random shut downs well above 10% charge, coming back on at 20% or higher, charging super quick and dying just as fast.  Also, swelling of the phone is a for sure bad battery and NEEDS to be addressed pronto.  A swollen battery can flare up and hurt you.  But if your device has been charging slow, but draining normally, or suddenly just not turning on at all, then it’s likely not battery related.

How can I self diagnose so I don’t get burned at the local shop?

If your phone is dead and won’t come on, run through the following check list…

  1. Make SURE SURE SURE, there are no signs of moisture in or around the phone or where it was last.  If so, don’t try to charge it.  Bring it in for Water Damage Diagnostics.  If not, then proceed.
  2. Try a reboot.  The most embarrassing thing is walking into a shop and the guy reboot your phone and it comes on.  Many times, if you neglect updates and rarely clear the cache, your phone can freeze up.  A reboot will solve this.  If you can remove the battery on your Android, just take it out and put it back in.  If not, press the power/lock button and the volume up button for 10-15 seconds.  If iPhone 6S or older, press lock/power button and home button for 10-15 seconds.  iPhone 7 or newer use lock/power and Volume down.  If your screen remains blank, with no lights or sounds of any kind, then your battery is dead, but this still may be charging port related.  Try next step.
  3. Try a known good wall block, plug up another device and confirm it works on that one, then plug up yours.  Same goes with the cable.  If it starts charging, then you’ve found your culprit. If not, move on…
  4. Inspect the port, maybe shine a light in it.  DON’T DIG IN IT.  The port may be dirty or you may see a shiney prong that looks out of place.  This is common for broken ports.  Stop, You’ve found your issue.  Take it to a trusty shop.  Most iPhone Charging Ports get dirty, and a GOOD shop can just clean it and be as good as new.  Many Android and Samsung Charging ports get loose and wiggly.  Or The prongs get bent up.  This too needs to be fixed by a reputable shop.  BUT, if all looks good and clean, then try step 5.
  5. Plug up to a computer.  See if it detects it at all.  If Android, the computer should see it as a usb device.  If iPhone you will need to open iTunes and see if it pops up.  If it pops up on either, but still no signs of life on the screen, then you have a display issue.  Basically your screens likely damaged or loose.  If neither detect it, then your port is internally damaged, likely caused by using it too much while on the charger.
  6. Last thing to try, is gently holding it at different angles it see if it’ll charge.  If it does, then the charging port is for sure loose and needs replacement.  If not, it still may be the port, but may be another issue as well.

And if none of that helps…

Take it to a professional.  All you’re going to do by trying anything further is likely damage it more.  We see these types of things on a regular, and are skilled in the art of fixing it.  You-Tube makes stuff look so easy, but many leave out important facts, most common ones, is the technique.  Artist can show how easy it is to paint a pretty picture all day, and you can try yourself, but much of it is just plain talent that takes years to develop, and completely necessary to do it right.  Charging ports involve the most crucial part of the device, the power circuit.  Last thing you want to do is have an opps moment while trying to DIY a repair.

And remember, signs of failed battery will be:

  • Randomly shutting off and requiring cable to come back on.
  • Then coming back on at random percentages.
  • Charging and Draining very quickly.
  • Performance lags.
  • ONLY coming on when plugged up.
  • Boot looping only when plugged up and immediately blacking out when unplugged.

Hope we can help you solve your charging issues!

Where have you been?

How Can We Say *We’re* The Best?

When determining who is the best in an area, you’ve got two options.  A, You rely on some biased or paid advertising firm to tell you who’s best based, on who’s the biggest advertising spender. Or B, You find out which place has been doing it longer, specializes in it, and stays up to date on their product.  The less time anyone has been doing anything, the less likely they are to actually be good at it.  But anyone with funds or partners to invest can start up a company, dump loads into strategic marketing, and get votes by volume to help them win the top spot on Angie’s list… But may not have a clue on how to actually do what they sell.  Elite Has been around since before the iPhone was released, before laptops were in virtually every home, and way before tablets were thought of.  With a passion for Electronics and how they work.

Fun Fact: “Did you know Elite is one of only two shops in town who do in house micro soldering, and the second, does it mainly on bigger items.  The rest sub it out, many to Elite!”

But my friends go to the medic over here…

Well that’s awesome.  We hope our customers recommend their family and friends too.  But here’s what makes it tricky.  You don’t know, as an average consumer, what a good repair should look like.  Mainly because 90% of that is invisible to you, literally.  We see work from some of the voted best, highest ranked local shops that everyone knows by heart, with missing components, refurbished parts, used parts, and/or charging for items they never replaced.  But of course, they have to pay for those ads and votes somehow, and when they’re hard at it trying to beat prices, the extra money comes from those who don’t know.

Just to list a few things we’ve seen:

  • Missing screws and cover plates, sometimes in deliberate areas so it’ll break again.
  • Missing adhesive causing loose parts to move around and fail prematurely.
  • False warranties, (6 Month warranty, but bring it back in 3 months and they find any way to blame you)
  • Fix one thing, break another, and then refuse to claim responsibility.
  • Under-trained techs not putting screws in the right place causing board damage that is unrepairable.
  • Phone’s literally FRYING because a screw came loose and punctured the battery.
  • Important information lost because they used low quality parts that threw the phone into safe mode, so they just restored it to get it rolling again…
  • Which then caused constant freezing and boot looping.
  • Laptops not properly cleaned, then catching the same virus within months, and then claiming customer put it back.
  • Worst of all, folks being charged $40+ dollars to replace a part that simply needed reseating or cleaning.  (Typically a free or $10 charge based on how complex at Elite)

And I could go on.  With refurbished parts, used parts, being told something is unrepairable, then we put in a $20 part and it work fine…etc…

Fact: “On average, we fix about 3 to 4 devices a week that were deemed ‘unrepairable’ by others shops. That means there’s likely 20+ a month that end up tossed or given up on because we never get the chance…”

So how should I know??

Things to look out for, if they pay for a ton of advertisement, WAIT, I Mean, IF THEIR CUSTOMERS pay for a lot of advertisement, but it’s a fairly small shop and rarely crowded… where do you think that comes from.  Check reviews too.  No company will be spotless, everyone has a bad spell, but some seem to live in it and don’t do anything but pay for fake positive reviews to wash them out.  Check credentials.  How long they been at it?  Why they start?  Does the owner still even visit? Are they a franchise with cheap tech’s on base pay and little incentive?  And some are downright shady.  We shared a link once to the largest local repair shops website, a page only their franchise participants see, that we caught wind of.  In DETAIL, it told them how to lie to customers with water damage, then acquire the device for free, or get a fee for doing really nothing, then sell the device for hundreds on ebay to make pure profit on other folks mis-fortune.  NO WONDER WE GOT SO MANY OF THEIR WATER DAMAGE CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE!  We had a few with very important photos and memories come to Elite after being told it was a lost cause.  We usually invested less than $50 and had their device up and running with full backup of photos and memories.

Critical Fact: “Very rarely, under any circumstances, does a device need to be restored for any repair.  Only when main Hard Drive or Storage is at fault.  So if your virus removal, screen repair, or other simple repair costed you any info, you need to ditch that business…”

And if all else fails…

Just come see Elite.  We have a set pricing, only charge for what’s needed, and have a money back guarantee.  If we say it can’t be fixed, you can bet, that you will not find another shop that can.  We’ve spent months on some items trying every resource known to the industry, and knowing we’re losing money, but trying so hard to pull off a miracle.  Our markup only covers a reasonable tech pay, the taxes we have to pay, and a small portion to provide you with a comfy place to hang out while we fix it.  We advertise only if it’s super busy and we have extra funds we honestly came across from heavy traffic.  So if it’s a hassle to figure out who to chose, just chose the Best, longest running, most trained, and most up to date, Elite Mobile Techs.

Final Fact: “Elite was started by the only local tech that went to T.S.T.C majoring in electronics tech and repair courses,  years before Smartphones.  Has attended seminars and still spends hours each week researching new developments in the tech repair field.  The rest are just box stores and franchises that learned how to turn screws.”

Broke Phone? What’s the Strongest Phone?

Did Your Indestructible Super Tank Phone end up… BROKEN?

Nothing Says You Got Your Money’s worth like a broken screen from a short drop…

Broken S5 Active
Broken Galaxy Active Device

So, why?  Well let me start off by saying this.  Most of the time it’s due to a false sense of security that the commercials and sales reps give.  No phone is bullet-proof, shock-proof, water-proof, drop-proof, or anything-proof.  I don’t care which bandwagon you’re on!  I have owned iPhones for years, tried android, wasn’t my thing, but even with the new “Water-resistant” iPhone 7 I would still never test it.  I mean, honestly, getting it wet voids the warranty.  Yet they make you believe it’s water-proof.  If so “Water-Proof” then why does it void the warranty…  If Samsung Galaxy S6 Actives are so “Drop-Proof” then why have we had to fix so many that the warranty was void due to a small ding in a corner from barely dropping it on a table from the customer’s hand… answer that…  Well.  How about I answer the questions, with my many years experience and hearing the horror stories.  Maybe I can save you some headache, and a broken screen.

So what causes broken phones…

  • Of course dropping them…
  • Getting sat on or smushed.
  • Left on top of a moving object or vehicle.
  • Exposure to moisture or submerging them in water.
  • Being used as a weapon or flying stress ball.
  • Heat, yes heat, being left in cars, etc.
  • Faulty or sub-par charging cables and accessories.
  • And Last but not least… False sense of durability instilled by the manufacturer or sales rep, leading you to believe you don’t need a case or to be extra careful with it…

Let’s get right to it…

So, dropping a phone is by far the most common cause for a broke screen, back housing, or other physical damage.  I mean, we are all clumsy at some point!  But let’s see WHY…  Is it how high? How Far? How Hard? Or is the thickness or grade of glass and materials at fault?  Good questions…

  1. How it lands and on what surface is most important…  landing back first on super plush carpet won’t break a phone.  But landing on it’s corner on a solid surface like tile or marble, even from say a few inches, with crack even the strongest corning Gorilla Glass.   BEST WAY TO SAVE IT, PUT A GOOD CASE ON IT THAT HAS REINFORCED CORNERS LIKE BALLISTIC OR SPIGEN!!!
  2. How hard is part of it, but glass is funny.  At a slow speed, even with a bit of momentum, the glass has a chance to flex at it’s own rate and give a little.  But even with no momentum and short distance, if it contacts a rigid object that taps it just right, it’ll spiderweb the whole screen.  BEST WAY TO PREVENT THIS, PUT A TEMPERED GLASS ON IT LIKE THE ONES WE OFFER AT SHOCKWAVE ELECTRONICS!
  3. Maybe getting that active or military grade phone will help! Right?  Nope, Glass is glass.  Drop a 1lb rock with jagged edges from 12″ on your car windshield… or are you scared?  That’s the same game you’re playing with that super rugged phone by leaving it unprotected.  No phone has the strength of a car window, but those rugged devices are usually heavier and though the rock is on the ground… rock hitting phone is equal to phone hitting rock…  SO EVEN IF YOU SPENT EXTRA MONEY ON A “BULLET-PROOF” PHONE, BUY A BULLET-PROOF CASE AND TEMPERED GLASS TOO…

Now of course there is always the broken phones that just get broke from the weirdest stuff!  Like getting sat on, chewed on, ran over, used as a stress reliever, or lethal weapon… But those are rare and not sure what I can recommend for those, but I can assure you that no matter whether it’s a three year old iPhone or brand new Active Rugby Special Military edition with two covers on it, it will break.

One thing we see a lot in the warmer months, heat damage.  A broke screen due to the battery swelling from extreme temperature exposure and pushing the phone and display to the limits.  Not only can this break your phone, it can potentially catch fire and everything around it go up in smoke!  So never leave a Li-Ion device in a car unless specially designed for high heat. (No phones or laptops are designed for high heat, if fact most don’t want to be above 85 degrees).

Another big one we see, charging issues or broken jacks.  Headphone jacks, charging jacks, lighting and Micro USB, and odd objects like rice left from a DIY Water damage try.  Using your phone while it is plugged up is a NO NO!  Not only can you wiggle the insides loose, but it can also cause a very high demand on the power circuit, causing sudden death to the device, and in rare but actual occasions, explosion!  But of course, it’ll never happen to you… said the last one in the hospital because their phone exploded….

#1 Cause of Broken Phones!!!

False sense of durability!!!  The commercials (which many lead to class action lawsuits where nobody gets paid…), posters, sales reps, everyone keeps telling you how much stronger the screens are, and how they rugged series have been specially engineered for withstand so much.  But in perspective, they are only slightly tougher, but still just a fragile, only WAY hard to find adequate protection for.  Plus they have horrible trade in values.

I tell you this to help you know one thing!  Your phones are getting more stuff crammed into a lighter shell to make your user experience more delightful, BUT at the expense of thinner screens, thinner housings, and less room for error.  You’re packing a laptop, stuffed into a wallet size body, in your pocket.  It’s not a solid iron brick.  It’s fragile.  Put a case on it.  And never believe any hype of water-proofing or shatter-proof advertisement.  They may be more rugged, but definitely not enough to boast about it.

And If it does break, come see the best! At Elite Mobile Techs.



Water, Electronics worst Nightmare


Ok, so maybe that’s not technically math, but it is common sense.  Anyone who’s been around town long enough knows that Elite Mobile Techs is the most skilled, experienced, and equipped to handle water damaged electronics.  From our special in house cleaners, to our ultrasonic cleaning, training in the field of microelectronics rework, and just our sheer success rate.  Of course we can’t always save them for less than they are worth, but 90% of the time we can, and over half the time we can do it cheaper than anywhere else!  But enough about us, let’s talk about water damage and help you understand what it does, what not to do, and how to best handle the situation.

Andoid phone got wet or water damaged
iPhone 6 got wet or water damaged

What Water does to electronics….

Now, based off what I learned when studying electronics at T.S.T.C., Water actually does nothing to electronics… in general.  It is in fact the contaminants within the water, along with their conductive properties, that come in contact with POWERED circuitry and change it’s design, that actually does any damage.   Let’s compare it to a road… or a few.  Say Dallas, TX.  There are specific roads and highways and bridges and so forth, all designed to get cars from where they started, to where they need to go.  Now, just a little water on the road never hurt nobody, BUT if you happen to pull oily water on I-35 during rush hour, you might have some traffic that was meant to go one place, end up somewhere else.  BUT, if there were no traffic (or electricity in our situation) then nothing would happen.  But how long would we need to throw rice on the road for before we could open the traffic back up?  Or would it just be best to call the cleanup crew day one?  See where I am getting at here…

Basically, Water, alone, does nothing to electronics. It is only when they are powered that you have a concern.  And seeing as rice tricks and many other DIY solutions are time consuming and rarely 100% effective, it’s best to bring it in and have professionals remove all contaminants from the device, before power is re-applied.  Of course if it’s fully charged and you can’t reach the battery to remove it, try to get it in asap.  Because the longer it’s powered, and traffic is flowing, the more likely there will be serious damages, possibility critical and un repairable.

What not to do when water gets to your device…

Don't rely on rice for water damage
Rice is a bandaid, when your need stitches…

RICE, RICE, RICE!!! The age old fixer for wet electronics right?  I mean, It soaks up water right?….  Ok, let’s acknowledge that rice DOES attract water, but it isn’t little soldiers looking for it.  It’s like mini towels your throwing on a mini house (on the outside) hoping it’ll dry out the flooding that’s inside… The rice isn’t doing anything except making you let it set and dry naturally and of course clogging up speaker grills and charging ports.  90% of the time when I open a device that’s been in rice for days or even over a week, it still has standing moisture.  And folks that got lucky enough that the water damage didn’t zap their device and hail the rice as their savior, realize all the corrosion and permanent damage when something random stops working 3 months later and I have to open it and show them the growing corrosion and damaged connections.  Lets just get straight to it…

What not to do:
  1. Try to charge it.
  2. Try to reboot it.
  3. Throw it in rice for a week.
  4. Stick it in the oven (Yes, people will try anything the see online)
  5. Stick it in the microwave (Again, some folks get less smart when freaking out)
  7. Blow it with a heat gun
  8. Do anything YOU THINK or SAW ONLINE besides visiting a local tech.
What to do:
  1. Bring it to a trained tech.
  2. That’s really it….
  3. Maybe pray for it and wrap it in a towel and forget about it until you can get to a tech… the next day, because maybe we’re closed or something…

heat causes water to vaporize and get everywhere inside it!  And nothing outside will dry the inside.  and even if it did, it’s the contaminants that do the damage, the water was just the way in, you still gotta get them out!

Hopefully this can help a few folks out, and save your info and electronics!

-Elite Mobile Techs, Your #1 Tech spot in Waco!

What’s Bugging Your Gadgets?


The bugs are back….

Usually, this time of year, we start seeing random PC, PS4, Xbox, and other large device failures more frequently than others.  Mainly due to everything coming out as things typically do when approaching spring.  And by far, roaches are the most common, and most folks say they never knew they had any…

Roaches want in“Normally cockroaches will look for secluded and warm areas that are close to food and water to lay their eggs. This is just the environment most electronics provide. Game consoles, in particular, get hot and make them an ideal place for the roach to nest. It is very common for cockroaches to choose a TV, radio, clock, or video game console or any other electronic appliance you own. These are also a great way for a roach to travel; when appliances with existing nests are sold or taken along when someone travels. They can even move with you when you purchase new appliances that have been stored in roach infested areas.” – NEVER PEST

Roaches aren’t the only bad guys…

But it’s not JUST roaches, because most bugs love them.  Why?  Because, like every other living thing, they want warm, dry, stable environments, and if we were that small, a metal home with heaters and fans everywhere, free electricity, and many dark areas to chill at would sound great too!  But, similarly, if you went into a warehouse and wasn’t careful, you touch a wire bigger than your hand, guess what… You’r cooked, and likely the power line will burn up.  And back to the smaller scale, that’s usually what we see.

When roaches, or any other insect, inhabit an electronic device that

PS4 PSU Failure
Roaches in PS4 Power Supply

conducts high levels of current and/or voltage, they can potentially become part of the circuit.  They can short out leads, bridge channels, and some insects actually feed on the insulators.  And though PS4 and PS3 consoles are probably the most popular for this issue, we have found Spiders in TV’s, Ants in PC’s, and Dirt Dobbers in Outdoor IT equipment.  And many other things.  But you’ve got the idea, basically, even if your house is spotless and clean, there’s still a chance that your Electronics are like exotic, remote 5 star Resorts to the creepy crawlers.  And you’ll never know until it stops working.

So then what is the solution???

There used to be a nice habit folks had, that every so often they would take their Computers in for cleaning, like physically, not just virtually.  Because fans clog up, vents stop up, and thermally conductive materials lose their effectiveness.  Usually during these routine cleans, the tech would catch these things before they caused serious problems.  But people have forgotten this critical maintenance and neglect their devices until they stop.  That’s like ignoring the light bill because you don’t wanna pay it, give it time and see how it works out…

Best thing to do, is once a year, bring in your devices you use frequently and have them cleaned out and checked up on.  That way they will last longer and not compile problems on top of problems.  Second thing, keep a repellant effectively applied around your devices, not ON THEM or IN THEM, but as a parameter around any IT areas where your computers and/or A/V equipment stays.  And lastly, regularly treat the whole house, not only for the health of your electronics, but your property value and personal health as well.


Elite Mobile Techs new spot

Elite Mobile Techs has found a new, better, place to call home.  Wether you’ve visited us lately in Hewitt, or haven’t came to us since our Valley Mills Dr location (As Elite iPhone Repair), you’ll be glad to know we have found a more centrally located spot to serve you better! 4415 W. Waco Dr, next to Bear Mountain and Enterprise Rental Cars. It’s right off the corner of Waco Dr and New Road.

We have also changed our services list. We still take on almost anything with a chip or circuit. But to maximize efficiency, a few things have changed:

  • Hours: 10am to 5pm (6 some days)
  • Quick services: Screen Repairs, Ports, Batteries, and OS updates are now the only ‘Wait for it’ repairs. All else will be 24-48hr turn around
  • Mobile Operations: We will now pick up and/or deliver within reasonable distance from store, for a small convenience fee. We can also perform ‘Wait for it’ repairs on location. 
  • ‘Wait for it’: These are repairs that generally take any professional tech less than 15-20 minutes. We encourage the customer(s) to hang out so as to minimize trips, clutter, and hassle. 
  • Audio: Elite now has the High Impact Audio department, which specializes in home and Mobile audio, including but not limited to, home theatre setups, outside entertainment systems, surround sound, and car audio installation. 
  • Board level Repairs: Elite has been offering board level repairs since we were home based yeeeaaarrrsss ago. But we’ve upgraded our equipment in an effort to gradually expand into more intricate repairs. As we learn, we will expand list of issues we can repair. 
  • Stuff we stopped: TV repairs will be trimmed down as they are not our forte, and though we are most definitely skilled enough to repair them, they simply take too long, have too many variables, and take up more space than we have to accommodate. We may still accept simpler TV repairs, or in home repairs, but don’t be surprised if we turn down or set longer than standard deadline.  Also, home receivers, desktops, and other large items that are primed to long turnover times may be scheduled out or turned down. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but these things take up valuable room and time, and there are well qualified shops in town that specialize in these areas and would love to help you better than us. 

But don’t be afraid to call or Text 254-722-2019 any time, for any inquiry, about anything you might have. Worst thing we can say is sorry, we don’t currently service that. But usually, we do, and typically, we’re the most affordable and quickest at it. 

Elite was founded on three things, affordability, reliability, and integrity.  Over the years we’ve offered so much, and extended ourselves too far, to try and help everyone, that it impacted those characters that you originally loved us for. Now it’s time to prioritize and bring these things back to you. Because we’re here to serve you and make you happy. That’s top priority!