Gaming System and TV Repair

Your in the middle of your favorite game and suddenly your console shuts down!  What do you do?  Don’t throw your controller through your TV!  Keep Calm, take a deep breathe, and Call Elite at 254-722-2019.

At Elite, we know how awesome gaming is, and how important your progress is.  Plus your crew is waiting on you to complete that mission right?  No Fear, we are here to help!  No matter how new or old your machine is, how skinned out it is, or how modded you’ve gotten it, we will do our best (THE BEST IN WACO, just check reviews) to get you back on the field.  

So What’s Got You Down?

Playstation having issues with…

  • Laser Reading Disks?
  • Blu-Ray Player Completely Out?
  • Won’t Read Discs or Games?
  • Hard Drive Crashed?
  • Hard Drive Not Big Enough?
  • Yellow Light of Death?
  • Red Blinking Light?
  • No Power at All?

No worries, we’ve seen it all before, many times.  Wait, You Don’t Have a PS3?  Oh, Sorry, Is your XBox 360 giving you….

  • The Red Ring of Death?
  • Problems Read Discs or Games?
  • No Video? (but still has sound)
  • E74 Error?
  • 2 Red Lights?

We can fix that!  Wha, its a 360 slim?  We Knew That!  So is it….

  • Giving You a Red Dot of Death?
  • Not Read Discs or Games?
  • Not Playing Video? (But still has sound)
  • Not Opening The Disk Drive?
  • Got A Game Stuck In It?

OK, so embarrassed, totally had you pegged as a different type of gamer.  I totally love the Wii too!  Nothing like the old school NES games and the newer ones are nice too.  But I guess that’s a downer if its….

  • Not Reading Discs or Games
  • Not Showing Video (still has sound)
  • Not Powering On At All

But we can fix it!  That’s the most important part!  No matter which machine your running, we got your covered!  So Call 254-722-2019 or drop it off at 1412 N. Valley Mills #132 Waco, TX 76710 and  Get back On Your Game!

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