Speaker and Subwoofer Repair

Speaker and Subwoofer Repair

Subwoofer repair parts
Voice coils, spider packs, and cones for subwoofers and speakers.

Speakers deliver sound from your favorite tracks to your ears, and can be therapy on a hard day, make memories repeat at the rate of a kick drum, or, if damaged, can ruin the whole scenario.

Elite Mobile Techs can fix damaged or failing speakers and subwoofers.  And not just that, but the cabinets and enclosures as well.  In fact, when it comes to home audio speaker and subwoofer problems, we find it is rarely the speaker, but instead it’s usually the connections, internal amps, or enclosures causing the problems.  However, in Car Audio we find that speaker distortions and off balance is usually due to soft part or coil failure.

In Home Audio your Speakers and surround sound system is in a controlled environment.  Additionally the manufacturer matched the amps to the speakers if you bought a package system, or if you have a custom install, it’s likely the installer matched the receiver to the speakers to prevent future problems.  But over time things do wear out. Usually though it’s in the hottest parts, the amp and/or receiver.  Not to say you can’t blow a speaker, or that the suspension and surround don’t break down, but the later takes many years.

In Car Audio Speakers and Subwoofers, even though designed for the application, they experience humidity changes, extreme temperature fluctuations, and many times are not properly tuned.  Factory speakers will last around 10 years on the stock radio.  But tech changes quick over 10 years, usually around 5 years in, theres new feature prompting a new radio, and if the new radio delivers twice the power to your 5 year old speakers, typically it’ll damage them in a short time.  In this scenario we’d offer new speakers that are upgraded and handle more power.  But in car audio, door speakers are the least repaired speaker, it’s usually the subwoofers we see much of.

Subwoofers (also called bass speakers) take the most abuse.  It requires more power, more movement, and takes more vibration than the typical speaker to get it’s job done.  in home audio though, again, they are in controlled environments and the amps are usually matched to provide a long life.  So in that case, failure is usually a cabinet rattle, not speaker, or amp failure.  We can repair those issues as well.  But in Car Audio, usually the bass speakers and subs are not properly matched, the fact it’s harder to be satisfied with the response of a given subwoofer consistently causes the customer to increase power, boost frequencies, and add enhancers, etc.  This can cause high powered distortion to flow through a component that doesn’t actually reproduce distortion audibly as much as mid and high frequency speakers do.  And distortion causes heat, unbalanced play, and erratic cone movements.  All of which you’ll never hear through a rear seat cushion over everything else that’s playing.  Soon, it won’t be as loud or sound funny.  By then it’s usually too late.  That’s where we come in, to not only repair the speaker, but also help figure out why it failed. And even offer upgrades to the speaker to help it take the abuse better.

What Can We fix?

  • Burnt Coils
  • Broken Leads
  • Worn spiders (suspension)
  • Ripped or cracked cones
  • Torn or worn Surrounds (Rubber or Foam)
  • Shifted Magnetic pole
  • Damaged frame
  • Connectors
  • Dust caps

What’s More?

We Can Upgrade you!

So if the old subwoofer wasn’t cutting it, we can always upgrade speakers and subwoofers to a larger format, bigger magnet, higher temp coil, etc.  We can even build you a new one from scratch that’ll keep up with the demands of your system!

So stop by or shoot us a text/call at 254-722-2019 to get your audiophile needs met in one place!