Computer Repair

    Elite iPhone Repair is more than just iPhone Repairs.  We repeat that so much it rings in our ears, but our customers don’t realize how much we do.  Computer Repair is just another service we offer in our long list of quality talents.  From Screen repairs and Viruses, to internal hardware repair and Operating System Assistance.  We understand how important your PC, Computer, Laptop, MacBook, or iMac is to your Business, Schooling, or just everyday life, and we strive to keep you operating with as little down time as possible.  

   There’s over 20 options in Waco, Tx for Computer and PC Repair.  So why would you pick an advertised Phone Repair Shop?  Because before the iPhone Rush, before Facebook and MySpace, there was a young man Attending T.S.T.C. as an Electronics Repair Major.  He followed through life fixing everything electronics there was, and built custom machines and towers back before dual core processors.  He spent a year following a passion in the automotive electronics repair and accessorizing field, AND EVEN PUT GAMING SYSTEMS AND COMPUTERS IN CARS!  Then the all so popular iPhone came out and when he decided to name his business, it was the catchiest thing for what he was focused on at THAT time.  But in the last couple years, seeing as the Elite staff and himself have a bigger facility, the highest ratings, and iPhones ain’t as repetitively seen, it only made sense to offer all his knowledge and expertise to his clients, so they didn’t have to go three different places for their electronics repair needs.  Bottom line, we were building, fixing, modifying, upgrading, and repairing Computers since way before the iPod was released!

   Enough About Us!  What are you needing help with?

  • Laptop, Desktop, MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro?

  • Hard Drive Repair, Data Recovery, Transfer to New Computer?

  • Virus, Spyware, Root Kit, Keylogger, Trojan Removal?

  • Laptop DC power jack repair or Battery Replacement, Desktop Power Supply Replacement?

  • Wireless Network Setup, Printer Set Up, Router Configuration, Network Security?

  • OS Repair, Blue screen, Bios Password, Forget Passwords, Updates, System Errors?

  • Slow Computer, Freezing, Lagging, Gaming Frustration?

  • Mac OS Restore or Repair?

  • Internal Hardware Repairs or Upgrades, External Add-Ons? 

And if you don’t see your issue listed above feel free to call 254-722-2019 or stop in and speak to one of our experienced staff.