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Smart home, Audio, and IT,

why you should think about it.

It’s a known fact that most homes in America now have internet access, in fact most schools require it.   So your paying for it, why not get the most of it.  Monitor your home without an extra bill to your ISP, a third party, or some security company.  How? Well, let’s dig in…

If your like most of us, you have a smart TV, probably some voice activated device, even if it’s and iPhone with Hey Siri, or an Android with Google Voice, and you likely have wifi and Internet.  Well, what if you could see when the kids get home, turn a light off/on from across town, or change the channel to the TV when you realize it’s not something that the kids should be watching, while never leaving the other room?  And what if I told you, it’s not as expensive as you’d think!

It all starts with a hub (or processor).  Hubs range from $50 to $199 on average and most are universal.  Once you have the hub, it connects to your internet modem and you log into it via your phones and tablets.  At Elite Mobile Techs we also offer bigger hubs and processors from companies like URC, Control4, and RTi, which will usually require professional installation, but are 10x more secure, stable, and versatile.  But once you have the hub and App, now you just need the devices!

Add some light switches.  Usually about $35-$60.  Don’t need a million, just a few for your main areas.  Can add one or two Z-wave/Zigbee Switches to your smart home at a time.  No need to go broke.  But each switch you add, you will be able to control from anywhere.  Some even have built in temp sensors and/or motion sensors.  Any device with motion detections can send notifications when there’s movement.  During preset times, say between 8 and 5 while your gone, you can have your home setup to have all lights off, and any motion will push a text to your phone.  Next, comes thermostat for the AC.  Forget to set the Temp before leaving? Hop on your phone and correct it.

Next, Appliances.  Yes, washers and driers are going smart, TV’s are smart.  Most receivers not connect to networks, and so are blu rays, Fire Sticks, even refrigerators are getting there.  But it don’t stop there!  Getting fun yet? Lets add the sprinkler system, the cameras, and smoke detectors.  Drive way lights, door locks, and even sirens can be attached to your smart home hub. And the better your hub/processor, the more you can control.

Apps are all customizable for your smart home with RTi

Sum it up, so you can have something as simple as a hub to automatically set lights, temperature, and monitor activity.  Or you can go full on smart home and set scenes, change music, and view CCTV cameras and more.  And Elite Mobile Techs is your Central Texas option for Smart home integration.