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Are Repairs Apple or Manufacturer Certified?

If we are being honest (which Elite always is) there is no certified shops in the area.  Not us, not any of the competitors, not even the box stores that offer it.  Apple (and most others) ONLY CERTIFY THEIR OWN PAID TECHS TO REPAIR THEIR ITEMS.  So if anyone implies or states they are certified, they aren’t, they just printed something to draw in more customers.  BUT, all of our parts are Original quality, and our staff is more thoroughly trained than most techs working for “Certified” places.  So hopefully that fact can assure you we are the most certified in the area to help your device return to its original shape!

Is there a good warranty?

Of course! In Fact we offer the best warranty!  Some of the others have stepped up to our standards recently, but we were the original home of the 6 month warranty.  And now, we have extended it to 1 yr limited warranty on many items, so try and keep up guys…  Of course if your break it from dropping it, that’s nobody’s fault but, well, you.  Same goes with getting it wet.  Basically, if you have any issues with the part we replaced, just stop by and we will fix it as long as it’s due to manufacturer or installer error.

Do you only fix iphones?

We’ve heard this one many times!  No, we fix anything electronic (until it exceeds value of the device).  And even then, if you request it, we will fix it.  From iPhones and Samung’s Galaxy devices, or TV’s and Gaming Systems, to Tablet’s and Computers, and even Home Audio Components and miscellaneous Electronics.  We are your one stop tech spot!