Elite Mobile Techs new spot

Elite Mobile Techs has found a new, better, place to call home.  Wether you’ve visited us lately in Hewitt, or haven’t came to us since our Valley Mills Dr location (As Elite iPhone Repair), you’ll be glad to know we have found a more centrally located spot to serve you better! 4415 W. Waco Dr, next to Bear Mountain and Enterprise Rental Cars. It’s right off the corner of Waco Dr and New Road.

We have also changed our services list. We still take on almost anything with a chip or circuit. But to maximize efficiency, a few things have changed:

  • Hours: 10am to 5pm (6 some days)
  • Quick services: Screen Repairs, Ports, Batteries, and OS updates are now the only ‘Wait for it’ repairs. All else will be 24-48hr turn around
  • Mobile Operations: We will now pick up and/or deliver within reasonable distance from store, for a small convenience fee. We can also perform ‘Wait for it’ repairs on location. 
  • ‘Wait for it’: These are repairs that generally take any professional tech less than 15-20 minutes. We encourage the customer(s) to hang out so as to minimize trips, clutter, and hassle. 
  • Audio: Elite now has the High Impact Audio department, which specializes in home and Mobile audio, including but not limited to, home theatre setups, outside entertainment systems, surround sound, and car audio installation. 
  • Board level Repairs: Elite has been offering board level repairs since we were home based yeeeaaarrrsss ago. But we’ve upgraded our equipment in an effort to gradually expand into more intricate repairs. As we learn, we will expand list of issues we can repair. 
  • Stuff we stopped: TV repairs will be trimmed down as they are not our forte, and though we are most definitely skilled enough to repair them, they simply take too long, have too many variables, and take up more space than we have to accommodate. We may still accept simpler TV repairs, or in home repairs, but don’t be surprised if we turn down or set longer than standard deadline.  Also, home receivers, desktops, and other large items that are primed to long turnover times may be scheduled out or turned down. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but these things take up valuable room and time, and there are well qualified shops in town that specialize in these areas and would love to help you better than us. 

But don’t be afraid to call or Text 254-722-2019 any time, for any inquiry, about anything you might have. Worst thing we can say is sorry, we don’t currently service that. But usually, we do, and typically, we’re the most affordable and quickest at it. 

Elite was founded on three things, affordability, reliability, and integrity.  Over the years we’ve offered so much, and extended ourselves too far, to try and help everyone, that it impacted those characters that you originally loved us for. Now it’s time to prioritize and bring these things back to you. Because we’re here to serve you and make you happy. That’s top priority!