Elite has Evolved…

Elite iPhone Repair, Now Elite Mobile Techs, has matured!

When Elite started, from the kitchen table of a 2bdrm apartment, in 2011, there was already 10+ years of electronics.  That experience has grown exponentially.  From the release of the Galaxy phones, HTC’s line-up, Gaming system repairs and much more, Elite developed a following.  By 2013 Elite had a name and a store.  ELITE IPHONE REPAIR! And now we’ve matured…

1412 N. Valley Mills drive, by little Caesars, suite 102 is a cozy little spot where in 2013 Elite First Went brick and mortar.  By 2014 was in a bigger suite 4 doors down.  By 2015 had two locations. By 2016 came to a crazy realization.  Waco gave Elite the 5 star perfect ratings because of personalized service, focused repairs, and high success rated.  Also earned them through convenience, like the ability to have the repair done on location.  But amongst the growth and diversity we lost that focus, we let go of the convenience, and we took on too many tasks.  By 2016 our ratings had dropped, along with sales and following.  It was depressing at first, but most importantly, it taught us something.

2017! We had the joy of 4415 W. Waco Dr, and we have played catchup and remodel.  We re-engaged with the community, have tried to revive our ratings and refocus on what made Waco love us.  Now our final move to a 2000sqft location on 525 Esther, we have almost completely reorganized and have a solid plan and model to bring you in 2018! And so how did we evolve and mature?


  • We are keeping it simple and learning to only offer what we’re good and efficient at.  We may “know how” to do almost anything, but if it’s not in constant practice, then the efficiency is lacking and that leads to poor experience on both sides of the counter.
  • We are catching up with what’s important.  You came to us for phone, computer, and gaming system repairs.  We are the best at that.  You came because we had competitive pricing and top notch parts.  And the best warranty in town.  Guess what, ou focus in back on all that, and primarily only that.
  • We are remodeling, yall loved the look of suite 102 and 132, so we brought back the look, feel, and atmosphere.  But added some newer touches.
  • We are expanding to Audio.  Elite started off the side of High Impact Audio back in 06/07.  Originally the owner ran a high rated audio business that unfortunately failed to to the economic fall of 07.  But was already fixing blackberry’s when the very first iPhone Was released.  That was the kindling to the flame.  We continued to repair phones as the economy recovered, all the way up til our first store in 2013.  But never stopped installing home Audio and Theatre systems as well as Car audio and Automation.  Now we have teamed up with major vendors to offer RTi, MX Home, Harman, KEF, Denon, Zektor, and other top Smarthome, Z-Wave, and Audio Solutions.
  • We are simplifying processes, with a very detailed help desk system, a soon to be elaborate yet simply clean website, and professional trained staff, we are back in the business of delivering results, on time, and smiles with integrity as our motto.

So just in case you had any doubts, Elite isn’t going anywhere.  We have learned, we heard your voice, and we are coming back better than ever!  Hope to see you in 2018, with all your common electronics and Home/Mobile A/V Needs.  Thank You and Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!