Why won’t my device come on?

Are you having charging issues?

“My device isn’t charging! It’s my battery…”

That’s what we hear all the time.  If you’re like over a dozen others that we see weekly, you assume that the fact it won’t come on after a night on the block means the battery is shot.  In fact, that’s rarely the case at all.  It’s likely just not charging!

Phone Not Charging or coming on.

So what to do…. Well, you can try a funky rain dance, hold the port sideways, take it to shops and let them charge you for a battery you don’t need.  Or, you can stop by EliteMobile.tech and let a skilled tech evaluate and diagnose your no charge symptoms for free, then only repair what is necessary to get you going again.  “But what if I don’t live in Waco, Tx?”  Then there is always mail in repairs or you can check local reviews to hopefully find the best area shop.  Usually the franchises are the ones you gotta be careful of…

How do I know it’s not the battery?

There is that slim chance it could be, but batteries usually only fail from extreme temperature exposure, moisture, or naturally after 2-3yrs, and it’s a gradual fail.  You start seeing signs before it just up and quits.  Typical battery issues include random shut downs well above 10% charge, coming back on at 20% or higher, charging super quick and dying just as fast.  Also, swelling of the phone is a for sure bad battery and NEEDS to be addressed pronto.  A swollen battery can flare up and hurt you.  But if your device has been charging slow, but draining normally, or suddenly just not turning on at all, then it’s likely not battery related.

How can I self diagnose so I don’t get burned at the local shop?

If your phone is dead and won’t come on, run through the following check list…

  1. Make SURE SURE SURE, there are no signs of moisture in or around the phone or where it was last.  If so, don’t try to charge it.  Bring it in for Water Damage Diagnostics.  If not, then proceed.
  2. Try a reboot.  The most embarrassing thing is walking into a shop and the guy reboot your phone and it comes on.  Many times, if you neglect updates and rarely clear the cache, your phone can freeze up.  A reboot will solve this.  If you can remove the battery on your Android, just take it out and put it back in.  If not, press the power/lock button and the volume up button for 10-15 seconds.  If iPhone 6S or older, press lock/power button and home button for 10-15 seconds.  iPhone 7 or newer use lock/power and Volume down.  If your screen remains blank, with no lights or sounds of any kind, then your battery is dead, but this still may be charging port related.  Try next step.
  3. Try a known good wall block, plug up another device and confirm it works on that one, then plug up yours.  Same goes with the cable.  If it starts charging, then you’ve found your culprit. If not, move on…
  4. Inspect the port, maybe shine a light in it.  DON’T DIG IN IT.  The port may be dirty or you may see a shiney prong that looks out of place.  This is common for broken ports.  Stop, You’ve found your issue.  Take it to a trusty shop.  Most iPhone Charging Ports get dirty, and a GOOD shop can just clean it and be as good as new.  Many Android and Samsung Charging ports get loose and wiggly.  Or The prongs get bent up.  This too needs to be fixed by a reputable shop.  BUT, if all looks good and clean, then try step 5.
  5. Plug up to a computer.  See if it detects it at all.  If Android, the computer should see it as a usb device.  If iPhone you will need to open iTunes and see if it pops up.  If it pops up on either, but still no signs of life on the screen, then you have a display issue.  Basically your screens likely damaged or loose.  If neither detect it, then your port is internally damaged, likely caused by using it too much while on the charger.
  6. Last thing to try, is gently holding it at different angles it see if it’ll charge.  If it does, then the charging port is for sure loose and needs replacement.  If not, it still may be the port, but may be another issue as well.

And if none of that helps…

Take it to a professional.  All you’re going to do by trying anything further is likely damage it more.  We see these types of things on a regular, and are skilled in the art of fixing it.  You-Tube makes stuff look so easy, but many leave out important facts, most common ones, is the technique.  Artist can show how easy it is to paint a pretty picture all day, and you can try yourself, but much of it is just plain talent that takes years to develop, and completely necessary to do it right.  Charging ports involve the most crucial part of the device, the power circuit.  Last thing you want to do is have an opps moment while trying to DIY a repair.

And remember, signs of failed battery will be:

  • Randomly shutting off and requiring cable to come back on.
  • Then coming back on at random percentages.
  • Charging and Draining very quickly.
  • Performance lags.
  • ONLY coming on when plugged up.
  • Boot looping only when plugged up and immediately blacking out when unplugged.

Hope we can help you solve your charging issues!