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Are The Repairs Certified?

The parts we use are all OEM Standard and our staff is trained thoroughly before allowed to work on any devices.  However, Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and most others do not authorize any independent repair shops to work on their devices.  So if your device is under warranty and you wish to keep that warranty, you will need to contact the manufacturer, because no shop in Central Texas will be able to maintain your warranty.  (None) But with all that said, the warranty voided moment the device was broken.  But we will help determine if the repair you need is covered under your manufacturer warranty and if so we will help you get it replaced that route.  A step you won’t find most places.

Are The Repairs Warrantied?

We offer a limited 6 Month warranty on screen repairs and certain other repairs.  We offer 3 month limited warranty on charging ports, buttons, and other items that physically move, depress, or get plugged in regularly.  And we offer 30 day warranty on anything else with the exception of water damage repairs.  The warranty is not insurance, it does not cover the entire device, only what we replace, and it does not cover the part if the part gets physically damaged or wet in any way.  If you notice something isn’t setting or working right within the warranty term, it’s your responsibility to get it to us as soon as possible before any accidental secondary damage is done that might void the warranty.  And by all means, do not try to fix any issues you experience yourself, that will immediately void the warranty.  We rarely see the need to warranty anything because we use the highest quality of parts, just like what your device comes with, but on occasion parts pass QC that shouldn’t and that isn’t the customer’s fault.  And our vendors stand behind their parts, just like we stand behind our work.

Are The Prices The Cheapest?

We prefer the term affordable, because nothing about our repair process or parts fall into the definition of “cheap”.  But yes, we try to be more affordable than anywhere else, of course consider that we use high quality parts with a longer warranty than other places.  So if Box Store uses ($20 Part) + ($30 labor) then you’ll pay ($50), and We use ($25 part) + ($30 labor) then you pay ($55), and if place C uses ($15 part) + ($40 labor) then you pay ($55).  Of course most use ($10 part) + ($45 labor) so you pay their advertisement costs, so you still pay ($55) which is what we charge, only get less warranty and less quality.  🙁

Do We Just Fix iPhones?

Due to the fact that when I started, the iPhone was the most underinsured and costly thing to repair via the manufacturer, I branded the name Elite iPhone Repair. BUT,  We Fix Way More.  Our staff, and Owner, are a mix of Electronics Majors, Electronic Engineering Majors, and Computer Majors, along with web design, security, and marketing skill sets.  We have the knowledge to fix anything with a chip.  In fact, it’s known that we repair more than most places in Central Texas Under One Roof!  So bring on your HTC, Computer, MacBook, Gaming System, Samsung, heck we have even fix retro machines, record players, car electronics, recone speakers/subwoofers, and way more.   So now its Elite Mobile Techs, and soon be the new mother company will be Elite Circuit Services the new name of the mobile side of the business.  We’ve even expanded to bring you more with the addition of Smart-home installation, Car security and Audio, and Wireless sales.  We are more than just iPhones, and more than just screens.