Car Audio Installation


ELITE MOBILE TECHS offers Waco,TX and the surrounding areas TOP NOTCH Brands, at affordable prices.

You ready to upgrade your ride?

Before Elite Mobile Techs was Elite iPhone Repair, and before a single phone was ever fixed, there was High Impact Audio.  Though HIA didn’t make it through the recession of ’07 due to still being a small startup at the time, It is back and better than ever due to structuring and careful strategy through Elite Mobile Techs.  Now 10 Years later, we are bringing the highest quality Audio to the Automotive industry in Central Texas.

Anything from your basic factory upgrade, to a completely custom ride, we have you covered.  We carry only trusted Brands that deliver exceptional quality, but we also keep the pricing realistic.

What all do we Offer?

We carry the top manufacturer in the world, DEI Brand.  More specifically we carry their Avital and Python lines. And all Our Prices include installation!

  • 2-Way remote start alarm starting at $400 installed.
  • 2-way Alarm w/o Rem Start Starting at $275 installed.
  • 1-way Systems start at $175
  • Keyless entry $125-$175
  • OEM add-on Remote Start (3x lock start) Starting at $175

All come with 2 year warranty on parts and installation!

So we all know most stock sound systems are very limited on range and clarity.  Wether your looking to rock out, or improve the experience, we have options.  We carry Ground Zero and DB Drive speakers that have the power to blow you away, and Paired with Soundigital or Arc Audio Amps, the clean and clear signal will send chills up your spine.  Of course, we also offer OE replacements as well, with speaker sets starting at $30/set.  And for super SQ lovers, we offer Arc and Ground Zero DSP’s.

We make the boom.  We have perfected it.  Most shops sell prefab boxes and kicker subs.  Nothing “wrong” with that.  Until you get a generic low efficiency sound at a premium price.  With 20 years building and tuning experience, we can not only build your enclosure around YOU and YOUR specific needs, but we can put the math to your subs and get the most out of it. And best part, our goal is to save you money versus the cookie cutter bass packages, so you are louder for less, and bring folks our way!

So you blew your sub?  Wether its from too much juice, too much clip, or just old, we can fix it.  We can recone kickers, Jl’s, American Bass, Sundown, Massive, NVX, CT Sounds, and almost any others.  We can put them back to spec, or we can beef them up.  Or if your more of a numbers chaser than a brand hugger, we can build you a 100% unique creation from magnet up!

We offer even more, Custom lighting, Automation, Video, cameras, and more.  Just stop by, or call 254.722.2019 for more info!