Broke Phone? What’s the Strongest Phone?

Did Your Indestructible Super Tank Phone end up… BROKEN?

Nothing Says You Got Your Money’s worth like a broken screen from a short drop…

Broken S5 Active
Broken Galaxy Active Device

So, why?  Well let me start off by saying this.  Most of the time it’s due to a false sense of security that the commercials and sales reps give.  No phone is bullet-proof, shock-proof, water-proof, drop-proof, or anything-proof.  I don’t care which bandwagon you’re on!  I have owned iPhones for years, tried android, wasn’t my thing, but even with the new “Water-resistant” iPhone 7 I would still never test it.  I mean, honestly, getting it wet voids the warranty.  Yet they make you believe it’s water-proof.  If so “Water-Proof” then why does it void the warranty…  If Samsung Galaxy S6 Actives are so “Drop-Proof” then why have we had to fix so many that the warranty was void due to a small ding in a corner from barely dropping it on a table from the customer’s hand… answer that…  Well.  How about I answer the questions, with my many years experience and hearing the horror stories.  Maybe I can save you some headache, and a broken screen.

So what causes broken phones…

  • Of course dropping them…
  • Getting sat on or smushed.
  • Left on top of a moving object or vehicle.
  • Exposure to moisture or submerging them in water.
  • Being used as a weapon or flying stress ball.
  • Heat, yes heat, being left in cars, etc.
  • Faulty or sub-par charging cables and accessories.
  • And Last but not least… False sense of durability instilled by the manufacturer or sales rep, leading you to believe you don’t need a case or to be extra careful with it…

Let’s get right to it…

So, dropping a phone is by far the most common cause for a broke screen, back housing, or other physical damage.  I mean, we are all clumsy at some point!  But let’s see WHY…  Is it how high? How Far? How Hard? Or is the thickness or grade of glass and materials at fault?  Good questions…

  1. How it lands and on what surface is most important…  landing back first on super plush carpet won’t break a phone.  But landing on it’s corner on a solid surface like tile or marble, even from say a few inches, with crack even the strongest corning Gorilla Glass.   BEST WAY TO SAVE IT, PUT A GOOD CASE ON IT THAT HAS REINFORCED CORNERS LIKE BALLISTIC OR SPIGEN!!!
  2. How hard is part of it, but glass is funny.  At a slow speed, even with a bit of momentum, the glass has a chance to flex at it’s own rate and give a little.  But even with no momentum and short distance, if it contacts a rigid object that taps it just right, it’ll spiderweb the whole screen.  BEST WAY TO PREVENT THIS, PUT A TEMPERED GLASS ON IT LIKE THE ONES WE OFFER AT SHOCKWAVE ELECTRONICS!
  3. Maybe getting that active or military grade phone will help! Right?  Nope, Glass is glass.  Drop a 1lb rock with jagged edges from 12″ on your car windshield… or are you scared?  That’s the same game you’re playing with that super rugged phone by leaving it unprotected.  No phone has the strength of a car window, but those rugged devices are usually heavier and though the rock is on the ground… rock hitting phone is equal to phone hitting rock…  SO EVEN IF YOU SPENT EXTRA MONEY ON A “BULLET-PROOF” PHONE, BUY A BULLET-PROOF CASE AND TEMPERED GLASS TOO…

Now of course there is always the broken phones that just get broke from the weirdest stuff!  Like getting sat on, chewed on, ran over, used as a stress reliever, or lethal weapon… But those are rare and not sure what I can recommend for those, but I can assure you that no matter whether it’s a three year old iPhone or brand new Active Rugby Special Military edition with two covers on it, it will break.

One thing we see a lot in the warmer months, heat damage.  A broke screen due to the battery swelling from extreme temperature exposure and pushing the phone and display to the limits.  Not only can this break your phone, it can potentially catch fire and everything around it go up in smoke!  So never leave a Li-Ion device in a car unless specially designed for high heat. (No phones or laptops are designed for high heat, if fact most don’t want to be above 85 degrees).

Another big one we see, charging issues or broken jacks.  Headphone jacks, charging jacks, lighting and Micro USB, and odd objects like rice left from a DIY Water damage try.  Using your phone while it is plugged up is a NO NO!  Not only can you wiggle the insides loose, but it can also cause a very high demand on the power circuit, causing sudden death to the device, and in rare but actual occasions, explosion!  But of course, it’ll never happen to you… said the last one in the hospital because their phone exploded….

#1 Cause of Broken Phones!!!

False sense of durability!!!  The commercials (which many lead to class action lawsuits where nobody gets paid…), posters, sales reps, everyone keeps telling you how much stronger the screens are, and how they rugged series have been specially engineered for withstand so much.  But in perspective, they are only slightly tougher, but still just a fragile, only WAY hard to find adequate protection for.  Plus they have horrible trade in values.

I tell you this to help you know one thing!  Your phones are getting more stuff crammed into a lighter shell to make your user experience more delightful, BUT at the expense of thinner screens, thinner housings, and less room for error.  You’re packing a laptop, stuffed into a wallet size body, in your pocket.  It’s not a solid iron brick.  It’s fragile.  Put a case on it.  And never believe any hype of water-proofing or shatter-proof advertisement.  They may be more rugged, but definitely not enough to boast about it.

And If it does break, come see the best! At Elite Mobile Techs.