Where have you been?

How Can We Say *We’re* The Best?

When determining who is the best in an area, you’ve got two options.  A, You rely on some biased or paid advertising firm to tell you who’s best based, on who’s the biggest advertising spender. Or B, You find out which place has been doing it longer, specializes in it, and stays up to date on their product.  The less time anyone has been doing anything, the less likely they are to actually be good at it.  But anyone with funds or partners to invest can start up a company, dump loads into strategic marketing, and get votes by volume to help them win the top spot on Angie’s list… But may not have a clue on how to actually do what they sell.  Elite Has been around since before the iPhone was released, before laptops were in virtually every home, and way before tablets were thought of.  With a passion for Electronics and how they work.

Fun Fact: “Did you know Elite is one of only two shops in town who do in house micro soldering, and the second, does it mainly on bigger items.  The rest sub it out, many to Elite!”

But my friends go to the medic over here…

Well that’s awesome.  We hope our customers recommend their family and friends too.  But here’s what makes it tricky.  You don’t know, as an average consumer, what a good repair should look like.  Mainly because 90% of that is invisible to you, literally.  We see work from some of the voted best, highest ranked local shops that everyone knows by heart, with missing components, refurbished parts, used parts, and/or charging for items they never replaced.  But of course, they have to pay for those ads and votes somehow, and when they’re hard at it trying to beat prices, the extra money comes from those who don’t know.

Just to list a few things we’ve seen:

  • Missing screws and cover plates, sometimes in deliberate areas so it’ll break again.
  • Missing adhesive causing loose parts to move around and fail prematurely.
  • False warranties, (6 Month warranty, but bring it back in 3 months and they find any way to blame you)
  • Fix one thing, break another, and then refuse to claim responsibility.
  • Under-trained techs not putting screws in the right place causing board damage that is unrepairable.
  • Phone’s literally FRYING because a screw came loose and punctured the battery.
  • Important information lost because they used low quality parts that threw the phone into safe mode, so they just restored it to get it rolling again…
  • Which then caused constant freezing and boot looping.
  • Laptops not properly cleaned, then catching the same virus within months, and then claiming customer put it back.
  • Worst of all, folks being charged $40+ dollars to replace a part that simply needed reseating or cleaning.  (Typically a free or $10 charge based on how complex at Elite)

And I could go on.  With refurbished parts, used parts, being told something is unrepairable, then we put in a $20 part and it work fine…etc…

Fact: “On average, we fix about 3 to 4 devices a week that were deemed ‘unrepairable’ by others shops. That means there’s likely 20+ a month that end up tossed or given up on because we never get the chance…”

So how should I know??

Things to look out for, if they pay for a ton of advertisement, WAIT, I Mean, IF THEIR CUSTOMERS pay for a lot of advertisement, but it’s a fairly small shop and rarely crowded… where do you think that comes from.  Check reviews too.  No company will be spotless, everyone has a bad spell, but some seem to live in it and don’t do anything but pay for fake positive reviews to wash them out.  Check credentials.  How long they been at it?  Why they start?  Does the owner still even visit? Are they a franchise with cheap tech’s on base pay and little incentive?  And some are downright shady.  We shared a link once to the largest local repair shops website, a page only their franchise participants see, that we caught wind of.  In DETAIL, it told them how to lie to customers with water damage, then acquire the device for free, or get a fee for doing really nothing, then sell the device for hundreds on ebay to make pure profit on other folks mis-fortune.  NO WONDER WE GOT SO MANY OF THEIR WATER DAMAGE CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE!  We had a few with very important photos and memories come to Elite after being told it was a lost cause.  We usually invested less than $50 and had their device up and running with full backup of photos and memories.

Critical Fact: “Very rarely, under any circumstances, does a device need to be restored for any repair.  Only when main Hard Drive or Storage is at fault.  So if your virus removal, screen repair, or other simple repair costed you any info, you need to ditch that business…”

And if all else fails…

Just come see Elite.  We have a set pricing, only charge for what’s needed, and have a money back guarantee.  If we say it can’t be fixed, you can bet, that you will not find another shop that can.  We’ve spent months on some items trying every resource known to the industry, and knowing we’re losing money, but trying so hard to pull off a miracle.  Our markup only covers a reasonable tech pay, the taxes we have to pay, and a small portion to provide you with a comfy place to hang out while we fix it.  We advertise only if it’s super busy and we have extra funds we honestly came across from heavy traffic.  So if it’s a hassle to figure out who to chose, just chose the Best, longest running, most trained, and most up to date, Elite Mobile Techs.

Final Fact: “Elite was started by the only local tech that went to T.S.T.C majoring in electronics tech and repair courses,  years before Smartphones.  Has attended seminars and still spends hours each week researching new developments in the tech repair field.  The rest are just box stores and franchises that learned how to turn screws.”