About Us

“Where Integrity Matters Most!”

It’s not just our slogan, it’s in our nature.

Before… when there were just PC repair shops and Cell Phone Shops, there was Elite iPhone Repair categorized as an Electronics Repair Shop.  And while others sat still and offered the same few items, categories, and skills, there is Elite Mobile Techs, formerly Elite iPhone Repair, offering more for it’s customers than anywhere else.

Though we branched out and partnered with Gotta Get Gadgets to bring you Shock Wave Wireless as an actual Cell Phone and Accessories store that offers phone and tablet repairs, Elite has always been way more than just iPhones.

Back in 07 when Elite was an idea and I (The Owner) was fixing Blackberry RIM Phones and the first iPhones on the side of my Car Audio business (High Impact Audio), I was a Trained Electronics/Computer Tech.

Before then, when Myspace was the bomb, I coded profiles and learned HTML and website language.

Before THAT, I was building custom towers for PC gaming, back before Apple made a substantial comeback in quality, back when the dual core processor was first making its Ground Breaking debut to the consumer market.

Way back when flip phones with cameras where introduced, I was Installing car alarms, audio, and accessories while attending TSTC as an electronics major.

Before all of that, I was taking electronics classes at AJ Moore High, and helping friends wiring up their new audio in their home or cars.  And in middle school, I was taking apart broken boom boxes and fixing or improving them…. Before you ever had an iPhone, Android, or Windows device, I was learning the concepts that brought them to be.

So before simply dropping off to Cell Phone Shops started by business majors, marketing consultants, or opportunists who saw money in the broken screens around them after the fact, check out Elite Mobile Techs, which was started by no marketing major, no business consultant, not based in some other state or sub-company of Best Buy, but instead an actual compassionate electronics specialist who invested in the knowledge and field way before it became what it is today, and support your local small business at the same time.

We may not be flashy, may not have the best catch phrases, and may not spend tons on billboards or marketing campaigns, but we do invest in knowledge, more than any Cell Phone Shop in Central Texas, and we don’t cut corners, that is why we have the longest warranty of any repair shop. Thanks For Reading! Have a Blessed Day

by- Corey Thompson (Owner and Founder of Elite iPhone Repair, Elite Mobile Techs, High Impact Custom Audio, and Co-Founder of Shockwave Electronics, LLC)